...here you've got to the world of my inTerests. the biggest sphere is music, cuz i've been a deep-rooted meloman since i was 10. so i've got a big record library, i believe so at last. but besides this i recommend you to surf through the other links too.
 ooks, books...When i was a child i didn't like reading at all. I treated it like a punishment and tried to avoid it by any means. But recently i turned into a book-maniac, who can't stop reading even when he wants to eat or has to go to the University.

 verything began at about 6 years ago, when i read Harry Harrison's "Stainless Steel Rat". I just fell in love with this book and its old sequences, i mean the books that were written before 90's. Because the other books were just commercial with rather fake plot and sense. Going through american writers of science-fiction i discovered Stephen King, who impressed me by his gloominess and original choice of subjects to tell about. At the same time i was reading Dostoevsky, whom i couldn't read so fastly as "the king of horrow", because, of course, he was mush more profound. Besides i fell in love with Chekhov, who astonished me by his combination of humour and profoundness. And of course, i can't help to mensioning my favourite writer Bulgakov, who is great for sure.

 ime passed and new revelations were made. I liked reading Pelevin's amazing and shocking stories and novels. I grew fond of Charms' surrealistic tales. And i began to understand lots of layers of Lewis Carroll's humour in "Alice", which made me love english culture with its original, many-sided and hard-understandable jokes.

 nd then i discovered a new direction in books. The pioneer was Chuck Palahniuk with his "Fight Club", which striked me like a fist of Durden.Maybe i was too blind before, because i didn't know the other alternative authors, but this was my way of learning.So going through alternative writers i opened Irvine Welsh, Douglas Coupland, Gibson and many other english and american writers. But soon i understood that i've begun with the end when i read about William S. Burroughs. His books are shoking, that's maybe the only thing i can say. Besides i understood that most of present-day alternative writers didn't created anything new, they just repeat the ideas and thoughts of Burroughs.

 ecently i began to read, it may surprise you, Haruki Murakami. You may say that i'm zombied by avertisement. But really i read what i want and it's not in my style to dislike and push off the stuff that is advertized at once. Because really it's one of the best ways to become known and even good writers mustn't neglect it.

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