...here you've got to the world of my inTerests. the biggest sphere is music, cuz i've been a deep-rooted meloman since i was 10. so i've got a big record library, i believe so at last. but besides this i recommend you to surf through the other links too.
  ain't a film-goer. Many years ago i liked watching any films. I just didn't care what i watched. Of course i thought about the plot of a film and its meaning, but i mean i didn't treat them as a work of art. I just didn't think about it. But after some time i understood that some moovies must be really treated like art, which can't be repeated by other means of art, but this. This mind revolution came when i saw Stanley Kubrick's "2001: Odyssey". It's just so profound that every time you watch it you find something new to yourself, and this is really a masterpiece, which can be liked or disliked of course, but can't be thrown out. In this very style are the films of my favourite russian film-maker Tarkovsky. And another film-maker, who impressed me by gloomy and devilish "Twin Picks" - David Lynch.

 esides this profound film-makers i like films by Luc Besson, especially "Jeanne d'Arc", and films by Pitof ("Delicatessen", "Vidocq" etc.). These films i can watch without ripping off, i just love them.

  nd then i should say about my little weakness for watching shocking and cruel moovies by Quentin Tarantino. This came to me from my brother, who's been crazy about them for some time.If speaking about american moovies, i'd like to add that i like watching "Matrix", but only the 1st one, which is really a great film, i like "Fight Club". But really i prefer european films to american, 'cause they're closer to my mind and soul. Frankly speaking, americans push me off by their obvious and rude cruelness, which europeans can hide behind simple stuff of common life. They make people think. According to this reasoning, i'd like to present to one of my favourite band, whom i got to know recently. They're english 6 guys called "Monty Python". I was really impressed by their films.

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