...here you've got to the world of my inTerests. the biggest sphere is music, cuz i've been a deep-rooted meloman since i was 10. so i've got a big record library, i believe so at last. but besides this i recommend you to surf through the other links too.
 usic is a great part of my everyday life. I wake up with music, coming from my music-center it determines my mood during the day, that's why i try to put there positive cds. And i'd better say that all the time i'm present at home i listen to music: eating,, going for sports, drawing... But i rarely listen to it when i read books and make home assignments, 'cause i can't concentrate on a major thing. Whenever and wherever i go i take my cool cd-player. I'm rather sensible to music and that's why one may be amused seing me openning mouth like speaking something and going at a high speed. But i can't help doing it...And i fall asleep usually with music too.

 o i'd like to present to you the music that influenced and influences me...To simplify the understanding of a wide range of music groups, i divided them according to the styles, that, to my point of view, they belong to. Besides i'd like to tell you that all the detailed information about each of the group you may find in this very source: www.allmusic.com
So choose the style and get to know what musicbands and albums i've got in my collection.

Electronics - techno, dance, disco Industrial - hard mix of instruments
Ambient - Calm, sensible, profound Hard-Rock - thrash, metal
Cyber-Punk - Crazy, hard, tense Alternative - other kinds of rock
Break-Beat - Fast with many drumms Old Rock - the founders of underground

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