...here you may get acquainted with the Results of my art work. my favourite occupation is logo-creating. and i think its results are the best. besides recently i began to create some 3d objects. they're not cool but i like them.
 ost of my banners are experimental and they are made with gif technologies, because they were made before my learning flash. Some of them aren't suitable to the web: they are rather big and complicated. But the thing is that i tried to make them very pithy: to put as much information as i can in less space. So i hope you'll find them interesting and original.

A ryazan firm "GVK", which sells the production of "1S" company. All the data products of this firm must be made striktly in one way. But i tried to correct this striktness a little by different motions of standart elements. >> watch

A moscow firm "Bonne International", which serves people who want their babies to have more than one native language in the future. >> watch#1 - >>watch#2

A ryazan firm "Rizur", which sells measure devices(so-called Kip&A). >>watch

 oon i'll put here the banners that i made with flash. They are mush smaller and mush prettier. As flash technologies developed so fast i believe there's no computer left without flash-player.
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