...here you'll get info About me and my art: drawing and writing texts. if you don't understand a bit in my pictures or texts or maybe both, go to "T", where i tell about my favourite painters and music bands, which determine more or less my style.
  was born in 1983 in Russia, in Ryazan, which is situated near Moscow - at about 200km to north-east from it.My family wasn't original a bit, but a common soviet "cell of society": father was an engineer in a factory of electronics, mother was a docent in the Pedagogical University(RSPU) and besides i have a brother - dmitry(c0ff) - who is 6 years elder me, was a pupil in school. While i was attending a kindergarten, i began to draw, it was mostly my favourite occupation. I was drawing everything, but the best results i had in drawing nature. So my parents having watched it decided to send me to a School of Fine Arts, and i went to school #1, when i was 7. But there was a problem: a could enter it only when one is 10, so stayed there attending preparing courses till i was 10. Besides it i went to a music school during 3 years, learning note grammatics and playing piano, which knowledge and skills i've already forgotten. And besides, i attended karate school, where didn't get any knowledge, but some friends. So i had no time to study in the common school, but was trying to cope with this problem.

 o when i was 10 i gave up music school, but i didn't give up music, just visa versa. My dear brother infected me with listening to music. Those times he listened to Queen, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Metallica. And i did too...Then he began to develop his music knowledge and we began to listen to nirvana, pantera, sepultura, slayer, clawfinger, downset... But there was a great day that changed the course of my fate, my brother brought a cassette with Fear Factory. And since this day we've opened a new sphere of music, called industrial with such bands as: Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Nine Inch Nails...so real underground electronic music conquered our souls. And now more and more styles come through our ears and are tested by the brutal culture of the listeners till present day.

 aving graduated from school i tried(really there was only one hope on my knowledge, 'cause i didn't have any 'links' as my friends and no money to pay) to enter the Financial Academy(FA) in Moscow, but they didn't let me(kidding). So i had to enter any of the possible - and ryazan state pedagogic university(RSPU) was the best with its faculty of Computer Science(CS). And i entered it with hope that i'll enter a moscow uni next year. But alas! I tried to pass though the exams of FA and MESI, but the fortune wasn't on my side, anyway i thought so. Time passed and lots of events happened and influenced me. So now i'm sure that the fortune didn't turn away and that everything was for the better and i became a person as i am now. And like it.I've got to know lots of people, who mostly became my friends, but one can't do without enemies of course. And recently all the energy that was in me, that could go through drawing and some another way bursted though my body from soul in texts and lyrics. It's an unforgettable feeling of eurica! when one opens something new in himself. So my fate turned a bit again and i hope that Art will become the Essence of my Life that will give people some goodness without which one can't live.

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