...here you may get acquainted with the Results of my art work. my favourite occupation is logo-creating. and i think its results are the best. besides recently i began to create some 3d objects. they're not cool but i like them.
  have got sites that mostly uncommercial and which reveal me just as an individual designer. And when i create a site i try to abstract my mind from the site i've already seen, and try not to repeat them. I'm free in my creativeness and i'm not under the pressure of someone. So most of my sites aren't similar to others. Of course, you may like or dislike them but it's my vision of the web. But i'm not so stubborn to put away all the opinions and advice. I accept all the critics and progress, 'cause otherwise i would burn out.

 esides the sites that are presented in the list i've got prototype-sites of imaginary firms. Now they lie at home, but i'm going to put them here later.

www.bikeoff.hotbox.ru - This site is dedicated to the world of advertisement that surrounds us every day. It's a yell to make people begin to think over themselves and their aim on the earth...It's rather agressive. Here i used flash.

majdanekwaltz.woods.ru - The site of the gothic-indusrial-underground ryazan music band. They're my good friends, whom I appreciate much. If you see a poster that says you to go to the concert - go without hesitation - you'll surely get a necessary impulse to your dying soul.

www.rightsof.narod.ru - This site is about the cross-regional competition which touches upon human rights. The site is a quick-made thing and was mean to publish the urgent information, so now it's a dead site, but it lives.

www.newwwave.narod.ru - The site is dedicated to the poetry and prose of my friends. this site is on under-construction-stage, but the design is almost ready.

www.psycho-department.narod.ru - The site is dedicated to RSPU's psychology department. There you can find all the information you're interested in, concerning it: history and current work, much info for students and aspirants and info about the members of the department

www.psycho-center.narod.ru - The site was made for RSPU's psychology center that is based on psychology faculty. Firstly you may be surprised by the combination of colors. Frankly speaking, i decided to make an experiment. I've seen just a few green sites and i asked myself why people don't use it.

www.german-department.narod.ru - The site is dedicated to RSPU's department of german language. Here you can find everything you need, concerning the department and besides, many links to german educational sites.

www.digitechno.narod.ru - It's a proto-site, just pure design without any content. It was made as an experiment with css.

www.cyber-science.narod.ru - This is an unofficial site of the faculty of computer science. It may seem gloomy, but i like it much. It's better to say that it looks industrially.

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