...here you'll get info About me and my art: drawing and writing texts. if you don't understand a bit in my pictures or texts or maybe both, go to "T", where i tell about my favourite painters and music bands, which determine more or less my style.
 his text is dedicated to people who feel satisfied with their lives and don't need anything more, and just sitting on theit soft places, counting money and jewellery.

you didn't know a fail
and wanted to change the world
you were free and went under sail
but now they're furled
u don't wanna go u're under a nail
now u're just a servant or a boss
but anyway u've got no will and force
you don't care about the life but exchange course
you just have got your life converse
the fire in ur eyes died out and u've got no remorse
what's wrong with you?! you feel comfort?!
you have comfort and it has you
so what the sort of a person are you?
you changed ur youth for money
you changed ur soul for comfort
you changed ur mind for tv
you changed ur life for nothing
you just want to possess and accumulate
the stuff you get - you think it's your fate
you calmed down as if you've reached the aim
but really you've forgot it in the process to gain
you wanted to create something good
but nobody just understood
so you decided to be like them
without soul and mind - you damned!yourself!
you had some aim to reach - you had some soul in youth!
u were so mad!
but now u've become so solid and smooth!
like a bone of a dead!

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