...here you've got to the world of my inTerests. the biggest sphere is music, cuz i've been a deep-rooted meloman since i was 10. so i've got a big record library, i believe so at last. but besides this i recommend you to surf through the other links too.
 y love to drawing and pianting came to me as i was born. And of course it can't go without love to painters and art on the whole. It turned out that i like surrealism and, frankly speaking, i don't remember how it began. Sometimes it seems to me that i always liked it. Of course my parents and my brother influenced me much, but they simply interested with but not more. But as i went crazy about Salvador Dali and all his art, all the family turned to be fans of him. His paintings shock and bewitch, they push you off and attract at the same time, so that you can't help thinking over what he was trying to say. All his life being an epatage scattered everyone in the world. This life is really worth living.

  alvador Dali isn't the only favourite painter of mine for sure. Violently criticised by him, well-know Picasso is in my list too. His original art makes me puzzle, and i always think deeply, when leave exhibitions.

  ut not only foreign painters infect my mind, but native too. I'm just crazy about Roerich, whose mountains are always in my mind. And maybe this is the reason why i always draw them. I've never been to rocks, but their images often come to me. Besides i'm fond of Kandinsky, whose exhibitions i always visit in moskow. And another painter who impressed me by his life and art is Vrubel. As i'm a fan of Lermontov's poetry as Vrubel it seems to me that i understand him as a friend or a brother.
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